A new strategy and BD manager for Kleenit

Pressure cleaning

Cleaning franchise under pressure

Kleenit is an Australia-wide company which provides a range of highpressure cleaning, floor coating and line marking services to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

In 2014, business took a downturn. The company’s previously healthy growth had stalled and as a result, turnover declined. The company runs on a traditional franchise model, but they hadn’t recruited a new franchisee in over two years. It was time for some professional help, so the company called in Aston Advantage.

“Aston took the time to listen to our recruitment needs and really got to know our company – and our expectations.”

The clean up begins

“Our first step was to establish a strategic plan and a growth strategy,” says Aston’s Chantal Haskett. “At that time, Kleenit’s main customer base was the residential market, so we worked on broadening that to include bigger and more corporate clients, mainly in the industrial and construction sectors. With this plan approved, we realigned the Kleenit branding to promote the new strategy and appeal to higher-value repeat customers in the business-to-business sector.”

This new branding was reflected in a redesigned website, brochures and a social media campaign.

“The people Aston found for the roles were perfect. I couldn’t have been happier.”

Finding new people.

To implement the new strategy, Kleenit needed a Business Development Manager and an Administration Officer.

The next step was to attract new franchisees to the operation. The repositioning of the business not only brought new clients, it also appealed to a more professional, business-like franchisee. People who would work hard to build their business and not just wait for work to come to them.

Within a year, 14 new franchisees had been successfully recruited and Aston Advantage helped Kleenit revise and rewrite their franchisee documentation and training manuals so these new recruits understood the company’s operations and values from the day they joined.

“Aston’s help has been invaluable,” says Kleenit’s Peter Robinson. We have now transformed our business into a national operation and continue to attract high-quality candidates to our franchise model. In fact, at the end of last year, we had our best ever month in terms of turnover.”

The Results

  • Turnover in 2017 was Kleenit’s best-ever.
  • 14 new franchises were recruited in 12 months.
  • Business doubled in New South Wales and Victoria.