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Future Focus is building businesses in construction and mining

01 May 2018 2 Min Read

Successful people working on common project

Considering the state of the industry, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been burnt recently by a dodgy contract, a lousy contractor, or a ‘dead-certain’ project falling over. If you haven’t, these need to be avoided at all costs, because they can cost a lot.

Facing facts, mining and construction have always been home to some less than scrupulous operators, just out for a quick buck. Then there are those subcontractors who just have no idea. You wouldn’t be the first to think how good it would be if somebody built an electronic bulls**t detector to spot them.

Aston Advantage has created the next best thing with Future Focus: the way to upskill employees, reduce risk and increase profitability using Project Risk Assessment, which includes project & contract management.

The Future Focus program is delivered by Richard Pawle and Matt Ravlich, who have over 40 years combined industry experience. They’ve managed and built multi-million dollar construction companies from scratch, and are nationally recognised for their contributions to the industry.

They’ve also experienced their fair share of knock-downs and dismal contracts. So, it’s safe to say they know the industry inside out: what to look for, what to avoid, and what is needed to succeed.

The fact is, if you’re a contractor, it’s difficult to understand the scope of profits you’re missing out on through a lack of knowledge in certain areas. An ability to accurately forecast, project manage and maximise profits are all invaluable in a changing industry and something we spend a fair whack of time on.

The program is highly suitable for contractors across the mining and construction sectors, especially those wishing to upskill in the areas of estimating, contract administration and site management.

Future Focus is also an excellent opportunity to network with other (reputable) head contractors and subcontractors. After all, people like to work with people they like. As well as training and mentorship from the program instructors, you’ll be growing your network of contractor connections, vital for growth and lining up the next job.

If you’re keen to improve your business, register your interest at info@astonadvantage.com.au