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Our Hiring Services

The right people are right here

With Aston People Advantage, you gain access a pool of 50,000+ talented candidates, all of whom have experience in mining, manufacturing or construction. Whether it’s an immediate hire or an advertised position, we’ll drill down to firmly understand your business and your goals.

Aston People Advantage handles the entire recruitment process, including advertising, resume vetting, background checks and interviewing, all to recommend the ideal candidates for your business. In fact, only 65% of those interviewed even make it onto our books.

White collar candidates undergo further screening and personality testing to determine if they’re the right cultural fit for your team.


Find White Collar Staff

Heavy industry needs financial officers, project managers, engineers and leaders. Get connected to corporate candidates who know your industry.

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Better Blue Collar Hires

Need temporary help, or staff who will stick around long-term? Aston People Advantage has filled hundreds of mining jobs, manufacturing positions, and construction roles.

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