Site Manager / Supervisor

Session 1

(1 day session)

Effective Contract Management | Supervisors need to know their contracts, not just their plans and specs.

Understand contract types and difference in delivery.

What type of contract is it? (LS, CM, Cost Plus, GMP)
Identifying and managing risk areas.

  • Time bars
  • EOT’s and variations
  • Latent conditions
  • Design errors and omissions
  • Back to back


  • Subbie obligations
  • Head-contractor obligations
  • What is the agreed scope, does it match what is required?
  • Estimator, CA, Site Manager communication.  Clarity = Success.

Session 2

(1 day session)

Programming | Lead with it … don’t just follow it.

  • Fundamentals of programming.
  • Maintaining and enforcing your program.
  • Call forwards / how to do them effectively.
  • Contract vs subcontractor vs short-range.
  • Program vs forecast / does it match?
  • Critical path and its relationship to the contract.

Strong Project Commencement | Set the tone … set the pace!

  • Start well = finish well
  • How do I start well?
  • Time = $$$$
  • Toolbox meetings
    • Do’s and do not’s.
    • Meeting minutes and actions.
    • Are they a legal document?

Session 3

(1 day session)

Negotiating | Winning more than losing.

  • The art of negotiating both up and down cleverly.
  • Win/win for now and the future.
  • How do I get my price on time from a subbie?
  • Getting work done on site for zero variation.
  • Looking good in the eyes of the client.
  • Behavioural profiling to increase results | Introduction to DISC Behavioural profiling.
  • Utilising DISC Behavioural profiling to negotiate more successfully.

Session 4

(1 day session)

Assessment | Projects Review (Bring in project for review/reflect)

Each participant to present their example project to the group to reflect their knowledge learned from Future Focus.

Session 5

(1 day session)

People Management | How to screw with people’s minds and get what you want, leaving everyone happy.

  • Utilising behavioural profiling to get a more effective outcome from your teams.
  • Understanding drivers and how to motivate to ensure project success.
  • External management both up and down.
  • Practical workshop to overcome current challenges within your site team.
  • How to use these skills when negotiating with subbies.
  • The difference when speaking with a client. What are their drivers?
  • Managing direct labour and not burning hours.
  • Setting targets and KPI’s and using them effectively.
  • Tricks dealing with Building Managers.

Session 6

(1 day session)

Trade Quality | The Importance of getting it right from the start.

  • What is the agreed scope? Expectations.
  • Set the bar.
  • Material samples & examples. Keep hold of them.
  • Trade quality sheets to be handed out to team and to go through each one.
  • Hold points | Why and when to use them.
  • Examples of jobs where certain items have not been done causing issues later.
  • The dangers of leaving things to be rectified during DLP.
  • Work sign off before leaving site for the last time.

Plans, Specifications and Engineers Details | What takes precedence?

  • Where to identify this in your contract.
  • What if there is no hierarchy.
  • Coordination between architectural & services. Who & did it happen?
  • Who is responsible for raising design issues? Response times.
  • RFI structure and deadlines.
  • Ramifications and dangers of alternatives.

Session 7

(1 day session)

OH&S | Change your focus… Make it culture… not a chore.

  • Clean site is a safe site and more productive.
  • A site presentation is a representation of yourself and your company.
  • How to organize and maintain order on site.
  • How to run productive site meetings.
  • JSA’s | Are they generic or site and task specific. Ramifications for accepting generic.
  • Site Manager obligations | Who is at risk when an accident occurs?
  • How and when to stop work on site.
  • Industrial action, Unions and how to manage it.

Session 8

(1 day session)

Assessment | Projects Review

Each participant to present their example project to the group to reflect their knowledge learned from Future Focus.

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Cost of Program

$5,200 + GST ($650 per day x 8 days) including:

  • 6 onsite days of workshops with other participates to build a network of construction professionals.
  • 2 individual active project reviews that you are currently working on.
  • Interim mentoring on issues as and when they arise.
  • A suite of practical documents and tools to use every day on your projects.

Paid in 2 instalments, only on participation. E.g. If you don’t continue after the 1st half no further charges will be made.


Commences June 2020 
2nd Wednesday of every month

  • Prevent cost blowouts
  • Giving accurate quotes
  • Work-winning strategies
  • Identify contract risks
  • Negotiate with subcontractors
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Contract Administrator

Commences August 2020 
2nd Wednesday of every month

  • Improve contract management
  • Negotiation utilising DISC
  • Forecasting & contingencies
  • Cash-flow modeling
  • Claiming EOTs
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Project Manager

Commences October 2020 
2nd Wednesday of every month

  • Manage client expectations
  • Negotiate project risks
  • Keep on time and budget
  • Enhance forecasting abilities
  • Build trusted relationships
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