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The impact has been the discipline but also the intelligence that Aston has brought to the organisation in the way that they worked with the directors.

David Hillam, Principle, Hillam Architects

The positives are endless, for me I have consistent business results, I have continued and predictable growth within my business, I have better staff retention and I have better staff engagement levels.

Jesse Doherty, Director, EuroTechnik

I think the DISC profiling is very valuable because it was almost a path of self discovery as well. The leadership team all did the DISC profiling ourselves, learnt about and understand a little bit more about what makes us tick and what makes others tick.

Mark McNally, Managing Director, McNally Group

The tasks I’ve given them have been quite difficult, but then we have had unique issues in multiple businesses which Aston were the only provider that were actually able to support.

Shannon Harding, General Manager, Novo Resources

Aston took the initiative to really ask questions about the business, about the structure, and how we’ve been engaging with the market externally but also how we were engaging with each other internally.

Stuart Bell, Project Director, APP Corporation