Find qualified staff who'll stay.

Access a pool of 50,000+ talented candidates. Find white collar and blue collar candidates experienced in mining and construction.

mining worker in site

Only 65% of those interviewed even
make it onto our books.

Aston People Advantage handles the entire recruitment process,
including advertising, resume vetting, background checks and
interviewing, all to recommend the ideal candidates for your business.
Whether it’s an immediate hire or an advertised position, we’ll drill
down to firmly understand your business and your goals.

Hiring well can save you as much as
3x their salary in total costs.

Someone who is not just technically capable but also a
good fit for the company — is so important. We source
high-quality candidates, evaluating them in several
different areas, and taking the time to work out whether
they and your business will be a good fit.

Recruitment backed by the Aston
Industry Guarantee.

  • Permanent recruits will stay four months or it’s free.
  • Temporary staff will stay longer than four hours or
    it’s free.
  • Aston has regular touch points with all corporate
    candidates and clients. After a first week review, we
    have 30, 60 and 90-day review markers, then
    6-month and 12-month follow ups.

The right fit can result in a 202%
increase in productivity.

Better placed people are happier, stay longer and help to
nurture a positive company culture. As well as refining
your recruitment process, we’ll help identify what’s
missing in your organisation or team, and find the right fit
for the role.

Find leaders in your field with the
industry advantage.

Heavy industry needs financial officers, project managers,
engineers and leaders. Our corporate candidate process
involves a multi-step process including a detailed
recruitment strategy, searching databases and networks,
screening, interviews, and testing.

Bernie Thornton

Our experience working with the Aston team is a good one – we find them professional, competent – they provide us with the flexbility to ramp up our blue collar workforce when we get busy which is a great advantage to us.

Bernie Thornton, Director, Fredon Electrical & Communications WA

Piero Liscia

The amount of time that we’ve gained from not spending time trying to find people, Aston found the people for us – normally of a very high calibre. They know their job, they do their job very well.

Piero Liscia, General Manager, Sitech (WA) Pty Ltd

Lyndon Berry

In the last 18 months, in total we’ve engaged with Aston for about 130 candidates, it’s been critical to the business to be honest. My experience working with the Aston team has been excellent. Being able to call on somebody that specialises in that field, to have candidates ready to go.

Lyndon Berry, Business Manager, Drilling Industry

Ashley Abrahams

Knowing that they hire subject matter experts within the field of the trades that we look for, gave us a lot of confidence. From our side, we do put pressure on them and anything I’ve asked them, they’ve delivered.

Ashley Abrahams, Business Development Manager, Performance Mining