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Our commitment isn’t to just help you find the best people, it’s to bring the best out of them. Our guarantee is that if you don’t see improvement in 4 months, it’s free.

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Bring the Best™ Toolkit

Our specialised 7-part toolkit to help analyse your business across seven key areas.

Boost every aspect of business.

  • Improve culture and systems.
  • Part of a healthy exit strategy.
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DISC Profiling

Use DISC profiling to develop your leaders and improve every aspect of your business as a result.

Know yourself and your team.

  • Improve leadership skills.
  • Reduce friction in the workplace.
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Employee Upskilling

Practical training for hard and soft skills through Aston Advantage and our education partners.

Training for the real world.

  • Practical hands-on training program.
  • In-house, online or on location.
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Bring the Best™ Toolkit

For those who are serious about having a people advantage, we offer our sector-specialised 7-part toolkit that covers strategy, accountability, communication, leadership, talent acquisition, training and culture — helping you not just retain, but to really get the best out or your best people.

1. Strategy

Identify and create a unique brand strategy for your business.

2. Accountability

Refine your processes for a more accountable, profitable and predictable business.

3. Communication

Lead and succeed through better communication.

4. Leadership

Effective leadership builds a more motivated and engaged team.

5. Talent Acquisition

The right fit first time can save you as much as 3x their salary in total costs.

6. Training

Train and upskill your staff to work smarter and more efficiently.

7. Culture

Create a positive company culture which boosts staff morale and performance.

Seven step Aston Advantage

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how to get the best of the best.

David Hillam - Architects

The impact has been the discipline but also the intelligence that Aston has brought to the organisation in the way that they worked with the directors.

David Hillam, Principle, Hillam Architects

Jesse Doherty

The positives are endless, for me I have consistent business results, I have continued and predictable growth within my business, I have better staff retention and I have better staff engagement levels.

Jesse Doherty, Director, EuroTechnik

Mark McNally - McNally Group

I think the DISC profiling is very valuable because it was almost a path of self discovery as well. The leadership team all did the DISC profiling ourselves, learnt about and understand a little bit more about what makes us tick and what makes others tick.

Mark McNally, Managing Director, McNally Group

Shannon Harding

The tasks I’ve given them have been quite difficult, but then we have had unique issues in multiple businesses which Aston were the only provider that were actually able to support.

Shannon Harding, General Manager, Novo Resources

Stuart Bell - APP Corp

Aston took the initiative to really ask questions about the business, about the structure, and how we’ve been engaging with the market externally but also how we were engaging with each other internally.

Stuart Bell, Project Director, APP Corporation

Case Studies

The bottom line with any program is, does it work? Below are just a few of the organisations that have used Aston Business Advantage and our Bring the Best™ Toolkit.