DISC profiling and recruitment for Neylor

Neylor company

Aston + DISC help Neylor hire for all the right reasons

Neylor is a Perth-based company which designs and installs automated window treatments and facade management systems for commercial buildings and offices. It was established in 1992.

When Neylor Director Paul Hargrave first approached Aston in 2013, his company had hit a wall in terms of growth. As is common in many businesses, growing the company had affected the nature of the business and changed its culture.

Aston’s initial analysis identified a few key problems. Firstly, the business had recruited on the ‘I’ll hire you because I like you’ model. So many of its employees had identical, or similar, profiles and skills.

“Aston Advantage brings a science to the recruitment of new team members. This has brought success not only in the quality of the candidates we are presented to interview, but once they join our organisation, they’re the right cultural and personality type to work well with the rest of the team.”

“Without a diversified team of profiles,” says Aston director and DISC profiling expert, Chantal Haskett, “you’ll always have some gaps in the business. In this case, they had a very people-focused team with a strong emphasis on customer service – but were falling down in the operations side of things. So projects were not being delivered on time or on budget.

Having identified the shortcomings, Aston set about fixing them. A new Operations Manager was recruited along with a support team of project managers. Now projects are delivered efficiently and effectively.

“Since then, we’ve continued to help Neylor build their team as they win more and more projects. With the DISC team profile in mind and a structured position profile aligned to their strategic plan, it’s easy to see who we are recruiting and what skill sets are needed to complement the position and cultural fit,” says Chantal.

“And from a personal angle, I can now comfortably delegate to my new management team which leaves me more time to do MY job properly.”

Aston has also completed a full training program with all the staff to help build a strong team as the business continues to grow. This training – and the new company structure – has seen profits increase by an impressive 30%.

“We all know it can be challenging to introduce new personalities into an already very established team. But armed with our DISC knowledge, we’ve created a more cohesive team who can challenge each other – but also support each other – to ensure the team is growing in the right way,” says Chantal.

Neylor is soon opening an office in New South Wales, and has asked Aston Advantage to find the right staff for the new branch.

Neylor’s Mike Rees has been impressed by the results.

“We don’t think of Aston as our recruitment agent, but rather a strategic business partner that knows what we need better than we do. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has any staffing need.”

The Results

  • Since restructuring, profits are up 30%.
  • As Neylor expands into NSW, Aston Advantage helps find all new staff